Happy Donuts, Palo Alto

3916 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306

1.650.843.0658 phone
1.650.843.0659 fax
Open 24/7

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Our donuts are made fresh overnight and are ready early morning. We feature traditional donuts and fancier stuff.

Easiest to order by the dozen, assorted.

Assorted cake donuts

Croissants, assorted raised donuts.
Ham and cheese croissants are in there somewhere.


Filled donuts, donut bars, twists,
French donuts (bottom left), apple fritters

Old fashioned donuts

Donut bars - chocolate, maple, filled and unfilled. Glazed cinnamon rolls on top shelf.

The best bear claw in town

Cinnamon rolls, etc

Donut holes

Blueberry cake donuts

Pastry bar - apple or raspberry filled

Apple cheesecake pastry

Turnovers - apple or raspberry

Glazed twists (top, highly rated by our supplier). Buttermilk bars (bottom)

Fresh bagels every morning. Cream cheese, etc.

Danish - apple, raspberry, cheese. Cinnamon raisin rolls on the left.

Hot drinks

Fresh milk and orange juice delivered by Michal the Milkman

Ice drinks.

Tea time

Our underrated food

Drinks in the cooler

Other things to drink, like juices, gatorade, vitamin water, bottled water

We actually use very high quality coffee.

Every night, the same routine, consistency and high quality

Adding raisins to the bran muffins

Fruit bowl - Ice cold honeydew melon, cantelope, grapes, watermelon. Fresh cold pineapple bowl too.


Indoor plant seems to be doing ok

Afternoon shade for customer cars

Sign out in front. Electricity doesn't seem to work

Conspicuous gas station across the street

Some of the laptop crowd

Customer laptops in 3D - get out your red and blue glasses

Occasional chess players

Happy Donuts gum ball machine

Obama's California campaign hq was next door. We became his overflow campaign office.

Happy Donuts library

Donut and pastry menu. Also raspberry sticks. Delivery prices are a little higher but we are not always able to do deliveries.

New Happy Donuts TV

Bananas (potassium) , chips

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